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Meet Deb

Meet Deb Munro

Deb provides transformational coaching that allows individuals and teams to gain the knowledge and skills to build their capacity to respond to personal and professional challenges in a proactive and empowered way.


With over 30 years of experience, Deb works from a holistic and spiritually grounded perspective, providing a judgment-free space for her clients to explore solutions that help them understand more than the struggles they may be dealing with daily.


Deb's extensive studies in the field of neuroscience have equipped her with the knowledge to address damaging behaviour and thought patterns that impact on her client's relationships, professional and personal circumstances. 


Deb offers coaching to overcome a deficit frame of thinking that can create a reoccurring narrative responsible for immobilising her clients from moving forward in an empowered manner.


Many of Deb's past clients have revealed they delayed reaching out for support as they are unsure of what they want and need. They know they want change, yet they still feel doubt that they are worthy of something better and uncertainty about where to start. 


Deb's approach is to guide you through a coaching journey in a safe and judgment-free manner. She will however challenge her clients to engage in an honest conversation with yourself, challenging your thinking patterns to realign your future thinking to your goals and values.


A coaching partnership with Deb can set you on a path forward that attracts the many opportunities you deserve to live your most authentic, rewarding and beautiful life.

Neurocoaching is a mixture of neuroscience and coaching theories. It is 'neuro' because it takes an evidence-based, research-backed approach to integrate the latest in neuroscience into the coaching processes.


Individual Coaching

What to Expect

Deb will facilitate a calming space within individual coaching sessions, letting you explore and understand your behaviour and language patterns, which keep you in disempowerment or frustration. You will be encouraged to explore how behaviour and language can keep you in a state of un-resourceful thinking while learning how to reframe such processes to attract abundance through an innovative method.


Have you ever asked why I always land back in the same space, fostering self-doubt or self-criticism? It's possible to become trapped within a deficit frame of thinking for the best part of your life without intervention. 


Deb's coaching and professional mentoring services will support you to reframe your thinking while understanding leverage points for change. If you seek transformation change or want to understand how you can change outcomes in your personal or professional relationships, it's likely you’ll find the neurocoaching frame an incredibly resourceful tool.


Within the coaching sessions, Deb will bring forward her integrated and diverse skill set to support you to see yourself through a holistic lens, inspiring you to understand your deficits are not the whole you. Many of us have narratives constructed in our minds that talk to all the things we don’t do right, rather than the thousands of things we are exceptional at!

What to Expect

With extensive experience across human services, criminal justice, and child protection sectors, Deb has identified a pattern of managers becoming focused on the deficits of their teams rather than exploring strengths as a mechanism to build workforce capabilities.


As such, group coaching invites teams on an exciting journey that focuses on outcomes, allowing them to reframe how they see themselves and others within their workplace. Deb seeks to develop her client's capacity to look at their work through a trauma-informed lens, encouraging the use of curious questioning. Deb Munro Bespoke Coaching can support your organisation on a journey to integrate evidence-based theories into day-to-day practice.


Organisations and Workforce Capacity Building


If you are considering strategies to develop workforce capabilities and responsiveness, DMBC can support and up-skill individuals and teams to have the necessary tools to improve how they respond when working with individuals with a history of adversity or trauma.


Workforce capacity building aims to develop the organisation’s capacity to embed systems for congruent practice, which consistently mitigates risks, improves standards, and builds compliance. Therefore, constructing the quality of client support and a workforce model worth investing in.


Deb will work with you to find innovative solutions to address operational requirements to see your organisation maximise return on investment while utilising your social capital.

Group Coaching

Bespoke Coaching

What to Expect

Do you have a specific training need?


Deb can develop bespoke programs that support your organisation and individual staff to reframe their thinking and facilitate internal change while being responsive in finding solutions to complex issues.


Underpinning all work to engage with individuals or organisational management teams will be the philosophy to ensure all participants are attuned to the client's needs.

Every journey is unique, and so too is our coaching approach

Rest assured, Deb Munro Bespoke Coaching does not subscribe to cookie cutter coaching models. We know each individual experiences unique challenges and we tailor our service to best fit you. 


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