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Are you seeking transformational change?

We offer a range of tried and tested programs with bookings available now. If you don't see a program suited to your or your team's needs, we can tailor a program to your needs. 

Program Anchor

The Hope Program

What to Expect

Happiness, Options, Progress and Empowerment


The HOPE Coaching Program is designed for clients who have significant barriers to moving forward in life. This program is ideal for people who have been feeling ‘stuck’ for a long time, or you may even identify you have a range of excuses and stories about why things are unfair and too hard, why it’s not your fault.


The HOPE is a 6-week program that supports individuals in an environment that is confidential and without judgement, yet supportive, challenging, honest and loving. This program runs for 6 individual sessions and over 6 consecutive weeks.


It is a mental framework that will give you the skills to break free from a life that may have been without hope and progress for so long. , it is the perfect program to build a skill set that will get you out of your story and ready to deal with the barriers to move forward in life.

What to Expect

The Power program has been tailored toward average to high functioning individuals who have experienced a setback of some kind or have been work down and disillusioned by life. It will ideally suit clients:


• Who feel overwhelmed with life work /life balance

• Whose life has taken an unexpected turn and have lost confidence

• Who have unmet expectations, lack of direction, motivation or drive

• Who feel stressed out, anxious or time poor


The Power Program is an intensive program, is designed to run over 4 weeks.

The Power Program

The Energy Program

What to Expect

The Energy Coaching Program is designed for youth aged 12-21.


Energy Life Coaching is an incredible practical and powerful program designed to hep young people get motivated, be clear about their goals, go after their vision, prepare for their future.


Energy coaching offers 6 sessions aimed at helping young people develop skills in:


• Building resilience (self-esteem, facing facts, self-leadership)
• Taking control (being proactive, taking responsibility)
• Finding meaning (filtering, beliefs and your own story
• Meetings core needs (certainty, freedom and significance)
• Building relationships (conflict, communication and assertiveness)
• Finding Directions (life by the compass, goal setting, priority)

It's time to move forward

Taking the first step is often the hardest hurdle, if you know you want more but find yourself feeling lost, it's time to seek support.


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